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Discover the International Tennis Hall of Fame, and Learn Why It’s “Love All”

August 8th, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

Love All

Museum and Grounds

There is nothing that “Newporters” love more than a good tennis match. With the marvelous grounds located right on Bellevue Avenue, one can not ask for a better place to spend the afternoon. The grounds of The Newport Casino were established in 1880! The Marshall Slocum Inn was established in 1855 before this elite social club, making the both of us historic establishments! The grounds include a museum, indoor/outdoor courts (including grass), and The Casino Theater.  The grass courts host tournaments all summer long, bringing increased attention to the HOF museum. The museum is a tribute to the history of tennis, with a highly interactive design, boasting more than 2,000 objects from the HOF collection. If you are interested in hours and museum tickets, click here

Newport Casino

Photo Credit: @tennishallofame

Tennis Club 

Photo Credit: @tennishallofame



If you’ve considered giving tennis a shot (no pun intended), your time away in Newport might be the perfect opportunity! Learning on the same courts where many of “the greats” have played is quite the experience, and the expertise of the “pros” at the club is evident. For this reason, be sure to call in advance as the the club pros book up quickly. To check out rates for members and non-members, click here




Work Up An Appetite 

Alongside the tennis courts is a Newport gem, La Forge Casino Restaurant. Along with having delicious food, this venue hosts courtside brunch and dinners that capture the rich history and heritage of Newport. In addition to having a varied menu, La Forge also takes reservations via the Open Table iPhone/Android application making it easy to book on the fly! We’ll see you there for this wickedly Newport experience! 






We’re On A (Lobster) Roll

July 20th, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

We’re On A (Lobster) Roll

Hot & Cold

With so many waterfront dining options in Newport, eating a lobster roll is a must! In the event that you’re not sure where to go, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. There are a few things you must know. Firstly, are you allergic to seafood? If so, stay away! We have lovely friends at Newport Hospital, but that’s not where you want to spend your vacation. Secondly, are you into warm or cold lobster rolls? Warm lobster rolls are served simple, undressed if you will, with warm butter on the side. On the contrary, cold rolls are served with lobster salad. Lobster salad is typically a mix of chilled lobster meat, mayonnaise, and a blend of seasonings. So are you hot or cold? Make up your mind! 

Lobster Roll

PhotoCred: @juliegranted

Easton’s Beach Snack Bar

One of the fantastic things about Newport is that nothing is too far. Jump on our available bikes here at the Marshall Slocum Inn and head to Easton’s beach. The Easton’s Beach Snack Bar has become known for their twin lobster rolls which pair perfectly with a cup of Del’s Lemonade

Lobster Bar

If you weren’t able to guess by the name, Lobster Bar is a relaxed haunt serving up all kinds of seafood! Their lobster roll is served with classic potato chips, warm or cold, and can even come as a club wrap! If you’re really feeling grizzly, they also have a sirloin served with poached lobster as a topper. With many beers on tap including Narragansett, you can’t go wrong. 

The Lawn at Castle Hill

Save the best for last! If you happen to score the prime real estate (Adirondack chairs on the lawn at Castle Hill), park yourself there. Next, order a lobster roll and Aperol spritz. You will be served lobster mixed with tarragon-crème de fraîche then topped with onion strings on a roll, with a side of kettle chips and Cole slaw. You will be craving this lobster roll in the frigid temps of February! 

Stomp It Out at Newport Polo

July 6th, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

Stomp It Out at Newport Polo

Attending Newport Polo is a quintessential part of any good weekend in Newport! As the host to many international teams, every season promises healthy competition and enthusiastic spectators. As a matter of fact, we bet you will even find your favorite team rivalry! Seeing that the official website states the dress code is “Newport Casual Chic”, you better pack your sundress, wide brimmed hat, or brightest pastels!

Stomping Divots

    Stomping divots, as it has uniquely become known, is the tradition honored at half-time. To explain, we will show you how it is similarly close in likeness to the 7th inning stretch of baseball, 

“this practice also has practical purposes – to help repair the pitch in a short amount time, by replacing upturned patches of turf that the horses’ hooves dug up during the first half of the match.  It smooths out the field, allowing the ball to travel well, and players to keep the speed up in the second half.  Even the Queen of England treads-in.  It’s a great time to stretch your legs (with beverage in hand if you’re so inclined), toss a frisbee, and mingle”. (Newport Polo)

    Another key point to remember whereby grass grounds are involved, heels sink! Ladies, please stick to wedges or flats! As the sun sets on the second half of the match, you will surely want sunglasses or a nice hat to shade yourself. Additionally, you may even want a light sweater. 

Pack Your Snacks

     The picnic aspect of polo is one of our favorites! You can be as laid back, or as fancy as you’d like. Some people bring lawn furniture, outdoor rugs, and tables to really set up camp. Others call it a day with a blanket and a cheese board which is equally acceptable! Close to the Marshall Slocum Inn there are many places nearby to pick up your accouterments! Some of our favorites include the Picnic Cafe on Bellevue, Newport Wine & Cheese, and Newport Vineyards. Not to mention, don’t forget your bottle of chilled rosé… you wouldn’t want to be caught looking like a fool!

Ticket Options

     In addition to lawn seating, the polo grounds also host pavilion seating as well as a modern luxury polo lounge. Provided that you love your polo experience, take your team spirit one step further and purchase a season pass! For more information on pricing and a map of the grounds, click here. As the host of America’s first polo club, Newport Polo really does it right! Every match starts promptly at 5:00PM. With this in mind we’d like to point out, don’t be the guy who shows up “fashionably late”. After all, there is no such thing! 

Market to (Farmers) Market, Grab Your Baskets!

June 21st, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

Farmers Market

We are lucky here on Aquidneck Island to have such a wonderful Farmers Market twice a week! Aquidneck Growers Market is our source for fresh and locally grown foods. You can get your hands on everything from oysters on the half shell, cold brew coffee, pastries, and fresh vegetables straight from the source. The market runs year round at Newport Vineyards, but May to October it sets up shop on Wednesdays just around the corner from us here at the Marshall Slocum Inn! With this in mind, read on to find out some of our favorite local goods! 

Farmers Market Finds

For a full list of summer vendors you can click here, but these photos kind of speak for themselves don’t they? These pictures are equally as appealing to the eyes as they are to our tastebuds! 

In the event that these photos don’t convince you, let me tell you about some of our favorites. In addition to loads of fresh vegetables, we have a hard time resisting the ice cream sandwiches from Tricycles Ice Cream! Additionally, the “Thai Me” lemonade with lemon juice, sugar, and Basil from Lemons Aid always quenches our thirst. You will be hard pressed to pass by the stand of Robin Hollow Farm. These beautiful flowers that have the vibes of an English cottage garden are stunning. With premed bouquets, and the option to put your own together you can be as creative as you would like! Furthermore, if you’re really looking for a taste of summer head to the Fully Rooted tent. Their fresh pressed “Watermelon Slice” juice with hints of apple, lemon, and beet. 

Give Me The Details!

Seeing that you’ll get hooked on your favorites you’ll want to know the market schedule! With this in mind, every Saturday you will find everyone setting up shop at Newport Vineyard from 9:00AM- 1:00PM. On Wednesdays the market is set up on Memorial Boulevard right in the center of the action! This market is open from 2:00PM- 6:00PM. Most vendors are able to accept many forms of payment. Some will accept cards, but we suggest having some cash handy to dole out for your goods! The sense of community coupled with live music, people snacking, and getting a taste for the local flavor is a unique experience we hope you get to partake in while you’re visiting Newport! 

No One Likes A Shady Beach – A Guide to Newport, RI Beaches

June 5th, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

No One Likes A Shady Beach

Standing at the beach with the sand between your toes is a feeling we wait all winter for! One of the things that Newport is allowed to brag about is our beaches. There are a few tips to having a successful beach day that we will share below, and where to go! 

Additionally, before you head to the water you must be prepared. Some essentials are sunscreen, a good pair of shades, a bathing suit, beach towel, and perhaps a chair. Around town some of our favorite places to stock up on these goods are Island Outfitters, Island Surf & Sport, and Balance on Thames

Easton’s (First) Beach

With our central location in Newport, the Marshall Slocum Inn is close to many of your salt water options! Easton’s Beach is within biking distance from the Inn, or you can drive and pay $10 on weekdays, and $20 on the weekends. For more information about Easton’s, click here

Sachuest (Second) Beach

This one mile stretch of sand provides a family friendly environment, and a good surf! With a concession stand, changing area, bathrooms, and outdoor showers, what more could you ask for? If the heat gets to you, visit the Del’s Lemonade truck to cool off. If you’re feeling brave and up for a challenge, surfboard rentals and lessons are also available. We suggest getting here early to beat the beach traffic! For parking you will pay $15 on weekdays, $25 on weekends and holidays. 

Third Beach

Equally as family friendly, and right down the road from Sachuest! Third Beach has less waves and overlooks the mouth of the Sakonnet River. Even though there is no surf, you can still indulge in Del’s Lemonade and Stand Up Paddleboard rentals. If you are meeting friends with children there, win them over by taking them to a well known local spot, “Crab Town” at the far end where you can fill a bucket full of crabs! For more information on Sachuest and Third Beach, click here

Many “Newporters” work hard to keep our oceans clean for ourselves, the animals who call them home, and those of you who choose to visit our favorite place. Because of their efforts, time at the beach is something we all look forward to! Making memories with friends and family, working on our tans (while wearing sunscreen), and spending the time connecting with the ocean is what summer here in Newport is about.  If you’re interested in any of these local projects check out Save The Bay, or Clean Ocean Access. Stay cool and remember, no one likes a shady beach! 


World Class Sailing Event Makes a Stopover in Newport, RI

May 17th, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

Volvo Ocean Race makes Stopover in Newport, RI

The 130,000 sailing spectators who passed through Newport’s Race Village in 2015 were certainly pleased to see the calendar of events for this year’s stopover. This year will deliver the same amount of excitement and fun that we have come to expect! Combining a trip to watch world class sailing and experience the beauty of our “City By the Sea” is the perfect kick off to Spring. Uniquely, this event combines sport and education in a way that is captivating for all ages. 

Sailing on! What to do, What to do?

Furthermore, will you have time to do it all? The Race Village set up in Fort Adams for the Volvo Ocean Race has something for everyone. Although there is a fee to park your car May 17-20th, there are no additional fees to enter the village.

Interactive exhibits set up by 11th Hour Racing highlight ocean sustainability, the excitement of marine science and sailing recreation. The idea of the Clean Ocean Pledge is reinforced to inspire all of us to save our oceans. After all, what is Newport without the Narragansett Bay?  Sail Newport, a local organization, is running a “Try Sailing” program to help everyone learn the ropes.

There is a 65ft replica of the boats these sailors travel on around the world to help us gain perspective on life at sea in tight quarters. After checking out the boatyard to gain knowledge of the work that goes into preparing a boat for a trans-Atlantic race, you can visit the Heineken beer tent, Mount Gay Rum Cafe, or Whispering Angel garden to top off the day. 

How do we get there?

As mentioned above, there is no entrance fee to the Race Village. If you arrive in a Volvo, the cost of your parking fee will be covered by Viti Automotive Group. The rest of us are out of luck! Parking during the week is $10 per day, and $20 per day on the weekend. There are numerous bike racks provided free of charge if you’re up to the challenge of jumping on the bikes we have here at the Marshall Slocum Inn, just be sure to bring a lock!

The water taxi service from Newport Harbor to Fort Adams has additional boats in service for this 13 day event. The cost is $12 round trip and a schedule can be found here, Oldport Marine Services

In-Port Race Day

Photo Credit: @ainhoasanchezdotcom

One of the most exciting events of the stopover will take place on Saturday, May 19th. There are options to watch the race from Fort Adams, the Ocean Race Club, or even to jump aboard the Spectator Boat. Check out the official site here for more information. Wherever you choose to enjoy the race, we hope you take the opportunity to experience this event. It is surely one of the more educational events we see here in Newport, riddled with some good old salty fun! 

Picnic Season In Newport is Upon Us, Pack Your Baskets!

May 4th, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

It’s Time for a Picnic

Pack It Up

A seaside picnic is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon! With so many beautiful spots around Newport we have a hard time highlighting just a few of our favorites. No matter where you plan on taking your lunch, we all know it’s what in the basket that really matters. Over at Newport Wine Cellar & Gourmet they have got you covered! Their unique menu boasts the “Ooh là là” and their petit sandwich selection (which changes daily), always making it a hard choice. If you are into gourmet sandwiches, a fresh salad, or a cheese board made from local ingredients you can’t go wrong. While you’re there, be sure to pick Maria’s brain about some of her favorite wines. In addition, she will surely help you pick a bottle of wine or craft beer to add to your picnic basket, just in case you get thirsty! Important reminder friends, don’t forget a corkscrew. 

Where To Go?

Being that Newport is part of an island, there is no lack of precious water views. With this in mind, one of our favorite views is at Brenton Point around Ocean Drive. You will often find people flying their kites high in the breeze creating the perfect back drop for a picnic. If you search hard enough, you might even be able to find what locals refer to as “secret beach”. Once you’ve finished your lunch, you can treat yourself to the Del’s Lemonade truck that is often parked nearby.

How Do We Get There?

Paul Scharff Photography

One of the best ways to get around Newport while avoiding traffic is by bike! As a matter of fact, we even have them here at the Marshall Slocum Inn available for daily rentals. You will notice there are many people traveling by two wheels here when the sun is shining! On the contrary, if that doesn’t sound appealing to you Newport has a wonderful trolley system. The closest trolley stop to us if on the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Kay Street, and will take you by some great picnic spots along The Cliff Walk. We are firm believers in packing it up, and taking outside in this beautiful city of ours. Grab your sunglasses, you’re in for a hopefully sunny and bright afternoon!

Rain, Rain, Go Away! Discover Some of Our Favorite Rainy Day Activites

April 23rd, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, right? If there is one thing we have learned about the weather here in New England, it’s that we have no control over it! But don’t let a few rain drops get in the way of you enjoying a weekend getaway. Use the weather as an excuse to seek out activities you might not otherwise take advantage of! Read on to learn about some of our favorite rainy day activities around town. 

Wine About It 

For a small island we are very fortunate to have so much at our fingertips. On a rainy day, why not “wine about it”? Local winery Newport Vineyards brings an amazing tasting experience to life. With a wine selection ranging from Pinot Noir, to their cleverly named Great White, and Bellevue Blush there is a wine for to match everyone’s taste. If you make it to the vineyard on a Saturday, their tank room hosts the Aquidneck Growers Market where you will find lots of local goods including coffee, fresh pressed juice, produce, and baked goods. Once you’ve worked up an appetite sipping and shopping, be sure to check out the Vineyard Café. Their menu boasts many “between the bread” options and also a delicious spread of cheese boards served with spiced nuts, seasonal fruit, and house made jams. 

Grab A Cup of Chowder

The Black Pearl has earned a spot as a Newport staple! Born in the 1920’s from a sail loft shop it has become known as “The Pearl” where friends gather for a drink and cup of chowder. We’re not really sure what make it so darn good, but Travel + Leisure Magazine said it best! In their opinion “Clam chowder at Black Pearl is the dish every visitor should try, because it’s classic, one of a kind, and an unshakable part of Newport’s cultural heritage!” A quick walk from the Marshall Slocum Inn, pair your chowder with a dark and stormy and you can’t go wrong! 


Catch A Film

Similarly to The Black Pearl, the Jane Pickens Theater was also established in the 1920s. The JPT works to create a film experience for its patrons through carefully selected films, and themed events. Some of their upcoming screenings include the royal wedding (in case you’re invitation also was lost in the mail), catered by Stoneacre Brasserie. Later in the season they will be screening The Great Gatsby, I’m sure you can imagine an experience full of Champagne, sequins, and “Old Sports”. Be sure to check what’s screening the weekend you’re in town staying with us.  

They say April showers bring May flowers and while we can’t wait for that, we’re enjoying some of these activities before the summer sun finds its way to Newport, we hope you do too! 

48 Hours in Newport- A Weekend Guide to the City By the Sea in March

March 31st, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

48 Hours in Newport – March Edition

Newport may be known as a summer seaside town, but weekend trips in the “off season” are just as charming! The best thing about New England is that we truly get to experience all four seasons.  Accordingly, a weekend getaway to Newport in March at The Marshall Slocum Inn allows you to experience some of your favorite places without hustling through the summer crowds. 

Weekend Itinerary


The feeling of serenity sinks in as you drive on to the Aquidneck Island over the bridge, passing over the water and knowing you have finally made it to Newport. Let Mark check you in, and settle in for a great weekend. One of the newest tables in the neighborhood that we can’t get enough of is at Stoneacre Brasserie. Trust us, you’ll be able to see why when you view their menu. Whether you are looking to share some small plates or grab a cocktail, this is where you want to be. Their simple syrups and mixers are made in house, making their Dark & Stormy one to remember. At the end of the night, don’t forget to ask if they have any chocolate chip & sea salt cookies left!


Newport has so many activities to offer on the weekends. As a town with a major focus on health and wellness there are many studio classes available, which are a great way to kick off Saturday morning. Pulse Newport is a great place to check out studio classes including barre, rowing, and boot camps. If those don’t sound up your alley, Newport Power Yoga is a wonderful place to get in touch with your inner yogi. Luckily neither of these locations are far from Empire Tea & Coffee. The baristas at Empire are knowledgable in their craft. They will send you out the doors properly caffeinated! Come on back to the inn to freshen up before heading out to explore.

Checking out the Newport Art Museum or Audrain Automobile Museum are great spots to take advantage of in the winter months. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head on down to Salvation Cafe. Not only is Rachael Ray a fan of this fantastic restaurant, we are too. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but the salmon is a personal favorite. Served up with coconut rice and crispy spinach, you will certainly be able to clear your plate. If you’re looking for a morsel of sweetness after dinner, indulge in the “banana purses” served with ginger ice cream. You will NOT be sorry. After dinner check out a featured film at the Jane Pickens Theater, a local art house cinema with a sense of style based on history. 


Sleep in and then join us downstairs for breakfast and a hot cup of coffee! After breakfast head towards Newport’s Cliff walk, a unique and world famous walking trail along the cliffs. This trail passes gilded mansions, Salve Regina University, and the Ruggles Avenue Surf Break. Depending on your level of ambition, you can take the full trail around Rough Point or you can pop off on one of the side exits that steer  you back towards town.

You may have earned a mimosa or two after this! Grab a hightop table at Midtown Oyster Bar and indulge in some libations and “torched oysters” while you take in the Sunday energy, and join other fans watching sporting events on the flat screens behind the bar. Once you check out and are heading over the bridges, you’ll be experiencing a much different feeling than when you arrived. Something referred to as “The Sunday Scaries” as your weekend comes to an end, but don’t worry. We’ll see you again!

Irish Pride of Newport, RI Celebrated on Saint Patrick’s Day

March 10th, 2018 by Marshall Slocum Inn

Irish Pride of Newport, RI

There is no finer occasion in the Spring to throw on your finest cable knit sweater and head to Newport, RI than for 62nd Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. The Irish heritage here in town makes locals proud to boast about this celebratory event, willing to make travelers feel like a part of the family and share their Irish Pride. This year the parade falls on Saint Patrick’s day itself, as a result making the buzz of the parade that much louder. 

Get Geared Up

Being a short walk from downtown, the Marshall Slocumm Inn is the perfect place to hang your hat for the weekend. Downtown you will find all of the necessities to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day successfully. The parade will go on, rain or shine. If you’re in need of some warm layers or something to help you stay dry, make sure to check out our friends at Island Outfitters, Coast to County, Helly Hansen, or The Royal Male

Parade Route

The parade will start promptly at 11:00AM on Saturday, March 17, 2018 leaving from Newport City Hall, which is also right down the street from the Marshall Slocum Inn. From there the parade route with follow the fresh green paint leading the way down Thames Street into the heart of Newport where there will an abundance of Irish blood pumping, propelling the parade into the Fifth Ward! Click here to see the map! 

Grab a Pint

In addition to making your way along the parade, grabbing a pint should also be on the list! Since we won’t be experiencing summer temperatures just yet, you will most likely want to pop into a local pub to raise a toast. In our neighborhood close to Broadway, some great places to indulge in snacks and a beer include Malt, Pour Judgement, and the Fastnet Pub. While you make your way through Washington Square and down Thames Street pop into The Brick Alley Pub, Busker’s, and take in some live music at the Newport Blues Cafe. If you have enough stamina to make your way down to the Fifth Ward you should celebrate that by stopping in at O’Brien’s pub. You will not be able to miss it! 

Does the fun have to end?

In this case, no! Maybe some recuperation is what you’re needing? Certainly head on back to us for an afternoon nap. If you’re able to muster up the energy, check out one of the after parties around town. Let your Irish pride further showcase itself at the Newport Storm After Party at Plumby’s. If you are looking for a family friendly celebration, the Martin Recreation Center on Golden Hill Street will be hosting an alcohol free event prepared to keep your children happy with face paint, bag pipers, and refreshments. However you choose to celebrate your Irish pride, be sure to stay safe, have fun, and make (mostly) smart decisions. 


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