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Harbor Tours

Newport is considered by many to be the sailing capital of the United States. With its refreshing ocean breezes, beautiful coastline and stunning sights, Newport harbor offers an unparalleled sailing experience. With more types of boats departing regularly than anywhere else, a harbor tour is a must while in Newport.  All of the harbor tours are a short 10-minute walk from our Inn.

Please note that tour schedules and prices may change without notice.

Adirondack II – 846-3018 – 60 passengers; schooner
A 78-foot classically designed schooner. She truly sails and offers true comfort on deck for her full complement of 60 guests. Accommodating up to 60 passengers provides plenty of space and comfort for larger groups. Departs from the Newport Yachting Center, America’s Cup Avenue.

Amazing Grace – 847-9109, powerboat, 99 passengers
Enjoy the fresh sea breezes and learn of the past 350 years of enriched history of the City-By-The-Sea and it’s earning of the title “Yachting Capital of the World.” Being rich in maritime heritage – past and present – Newport should be seen by boat to fully appreciate the colonial heritage, yachting activity and the opulent “Summer Cottages.” Two decks, full bar service; one-hour tour. Departs from Oldport Marine next to the Mooring on America’s Cup Avenue.

Madeleine – 847-0298 – 49 passengers, Schooner
Specifically designed and built to carry passengers easily and safely throughout local waters, Madeleine maintains 19th century style with 21st century comfort.
Departs from Bannisters/Bowen’s Wharf Basin, America’s Cup Avenue

RumRunner II – 847-0299 – 49 passengers; powerboat
Newly restored Elco Motoryacht, built in 1929 during the height of Prohibition, carries you swiftly and safely through local waters. She offers the luxury and intrigue you would imagine of a high-speed bandit with a history all her own.

Flyer Catamaran – 848-2100
A unique tour aboard a 57′, high performance catamaran. Tours depart from Inn on Long Wharf.

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