In lieu of today being Halloween, I decided to put together a list of some of the haunted places that Newport has to offer.  Incase you don’t already have plans for the evening, you could decide to check out some or all of these places to see what ghostly vibes you can pick up.

According to there are a bounty of haunted dwellings here in Newport.  The White Horse Tavern, Belcourt Castle, the Rose Island Lighthouse, the Redwood Library, Beechwood Mansion, and even the Breakers are just a few that have reported otherworldly sightings.

The White Horse Tavern, America’s oldest still running tavern, dates back to the 1600’s.  There have been reports of a variety of paranormal sightings, including an elderly man in Colonial clothing who died there, who appears near the fireplace, an entity that guards the building and the staff and a third, female ghost, who has been caught in a photo above a dining table.

Belcourt Castle itself is not said to be haunted, but rather the objects inside of it are.  Recently, the chairs of Belcourt Castle were named one of the “10 Most Haunted Objects in the World,” by Channel 24.  The chairs are said to send tingles up the spines of those who sit in them, or push them out completely.  There is also a suit of armor that screams and there have been sightings of a monk in a brown robe.

The Rose Island Lighthouse has a variety of ghosts ranging from exiled cholera sufferers and the lighthouse’s former keeper, Charles Curtis.  Overnight guests have reported hearing footsteps at midnight and others report hearing voices.  The Rose Island Lighthouse was featured on Ghost Hunters where they found evidence of a figure moving from the building.  They also found a photo of Curtis, who looked similar to an image from a photograph taken inside the innkeepers quarters.

In the Redwood Library, staff has sighted a male wandering around the library at night and there have been reports of the eyes of paintings following guests as they move.  At Beechwood Mansion, there have been sightings of apparitions in a maid’s outfit and another with a yellow ballroom dress.  Alice Vanderbilt is believed to haunt the Breakers after a fire destroyed the manor house that was there before it.

If ghost hunting is your thing, these places in Newport are a great places to start.

Happy Halloween!