When it comes to vacations and travel, food plays a major roll for many people.  Food tours are becoming more and more popular as they give visitors a feel for the cuisine of the area.  Newport is new to the food tour game, with two new companies ready to give you good eats.  Both Newport Food Tours and Rhode Island Red Food Tours give visitors a taste of a variety of dishes from great local restaurants.

Newport Food Tours runs tours Tuesday through Saturday at 5pm.  Tours are approximately 2 hours long and start outside Norey’s on Broadway.  Food tour guests will visit restaurants in the Broadway area that serve up high quality American cuisine, many of which are farm-to-table restaurants.  Beer and wine tastings are also included at some of the stops.  Not only will you be tasting great food, but you’ll get to hear about all the details about the food and the chefs who prepare it.  After the last stop, there will be no need for dinner.

The Rhode Island Red Food Tour is a three hour, combined walking and food tour, that mixes local history with great food.  Guests with Rhode Island Red Food Tours will visit off-the-beaten path neighborhoods, learn about historic sites, folklore and colonial architecture, and of course enjoy food and drinks from at least six locally owned and operated  restaurants.  Tours run on Fridays and Saturdays at 12pm and covers about 1.8 miles.